Volumetric Series Machines

New Feature!
Now to our blow filling machines you can add an innovative machine monitoring module. This module provides a live feedback identifying if any of the machine parts does need servicing.

Volumetric series machines are devices with volumetric fillers designed for filling containers with dense liquids such as: oils, chemical liquids.

  • Type of filling process: Volumetric
  • Products: edible oil, automobile oils, shampoos, liquid soaps
  • Volume: 0.2 – 2l
  • Containers: glass, PET
  • Capping: plastic with screw thread, aluminium cap

Fillers are characterized by a simple construction that ensures a high level of hygiene and ease of use. Depending on the machine version of the Volumetric series, they can be developed for PET and glass containers, and act as monoblocks (FC), the power is transmitted from one engine. Volumetric series machines are in sizes from 12 – 72 fillers. Parts in contact with a filled product are made of steel AISI 316L.