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Complete hybrid (CAN + GLASS) Beer filling line in Poland 6000cph + 3500bph

Racibórz Brewery dated 1567, located at the same hill with Piast Castle is one of the oldest Polish breweries.

Client wanted to expand their production by starting to fill their beers into aluminum cans and non-returnable glass bottles. The layout of space available for these lines was very small, and thus required a special approach – that is why we suggested a hybrid line. This meant having some of the equipment common for both filling lines (can/glass): one universal depalletizer, then two fillers, and one x-ray filling level inspector, one air knives and one linear self-adhesive labeller, before the packing (that was supplied by client).

Having small space, we also designed quite a big buffer at high level, before cans get into the rinsing-overturning device, and before the bottles reach the vertical conveyor. The line is designed to achieve the capacity of 6000 cans per hour or 3500 bottles per hour, both filling beer in 500ml containers.


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