New project just lunched in Algeria! STM GROUP still water filling line with efficiency 14 000 bph!
Complete Filling line for carbonated soft dinks ISO Arrow PET– 9000 bph in Turkmenistan
STM - dołącz do naszego zespołu!
STM complete water filling line ISO ARROW GLASS in Armenia. Efficiency 3000 bph
STM complete water filling line ISO ARROW in Armenia. Efficiency 3000 bph
TES – The most modern stretch blow molding factory in Poland!
ISO Arrow Beer line
Linia rozlewnicza do piwa wydajność 5000 but/godz.
Maszyna do nalewania płynów w szkło - Filling machine - Arrow Glass STM
Linear labelling machine for OPP label (hot glue) mod. UNO ROLL  2500- 9000 bph
Complete innovative PET CAN line 12000 uph
Complete energy drinks line 16000 bph
STM complete filling line for carbonated soft drinks in glass bottles – speed 8000 bph
Rotary labelling machine for OPP label (hot glue) MEGA ROLL 9T – 10 000 bph
BlueLine 8 HiTech All Electric 16000 bph
STM Juice Filling Line Szczecinek
STM Complete ESL Filling line for milk and dairy products for PET bottles. 3000 bph.
STM Complete Filling Line Carbonated Soft Drinks. 10000 bph PET bottles
STM Robotic palletizing system.
STM Filling Machines and Blow Moulding Machines
STM beer filling line in PET bottles speed production 6000 bph at 1.5l
STM Filling Machine (FS) for aluminium or PET cans filler, seamer CAN Series.
STM Filling Machine (RFC) for PET, glass bottles rinser, FLow M Series.
BlueLine4 - PET blow molding machine 4 cavites.
BlueLine3B PET 3 cavities blow molding machine for 6l bottles.
STM/TES palletizing system for PET bottles. Speed production 10 000 bph
Rotary Blow Molding Machine BRM10 Series STM. Rotacyjna maszyna rozdmuchowa.
PET line for filling fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Speed 3500 bph at 500 ml
PET blow molding machine mod. BlueLine4 6500 bph
PET filling line Ice Tea 12000 bph@ 500 ml.
Filling Line for Isotonic Drinks in PET Bottles. Linia rozlewnicza.
Filling line for Natural Water 6000 bph in PET bottles. Linia rozlewnicza.
Filling Line for Ice Tea HOT FILL, speed 15.000 bph, PET bottles. Linia rozlewnicza HOT FILL.