PET water filling machine complete solution for bottling water into plastic bottle

Complete PET filling line 9000bph in Kyrgyzstan

We just commissioned our first project in Kyrgyzstan – a complete filling line for up to 9000bph at 1,5l water and drinks, both still and sparkling. The scope of project starts with a 6-cavity Blueline 6 Standard blow molding machine with Ateliers François compressor room and a chiller.

Then there is quite a big buffer at the air conveyors to ensure that there are no stoppages of production.

From the air conveyors the bottles get to Arrow PET 32/54/8 ISO filler that has 32 rinsers, 54 filling valves and 8 capping heads. The machine type is isobaric which enables it to fill both still and sparkling liquids with a stable capacity of 9000bph at 1,5l. After the filler there’s a filling level inspector and a big buffer before the OPP labeller model MegaRoll 9.

At the end-of-line we’ve integrated a Dimac Star One F B.I. for shrink-wrapping. It is worth mentioning, that we also produced a semi-automatic CIP station and a Premix machine model JG6 FlowMix that enables our client to prepare a wide variety of still and sparkling products that are later confectioned using STM GROUP’s line.


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