Complete vegetable oil filling lines

We are currently commissioning a complete edible oil filling line in Poland.

In fact, on the video, you may only see one of two vegetable oil filling lines that make up this whole project.
When completed, this turnkey solution will be able to deliver up to 8000 1l bottles per hour of canola oil (rapeseed oil), both in PET and glass bottles plus 1100 bottles per hour into 5l PET bottles.

Altogether, there are also other bottle formats in the range: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, and 10000ml.

Being one of our biggest projects lately, it is very complex – it starts with two blow molding machines (Blueline 6 HiTech & Blueline 1 BIG MAX) with Kaeser compressor room and a glass bottle depalletize at the beginning of the lines.

Later the bottles are transferred to one of two filling monoblocks (Arrow PET/GLASS UNIV 20/6 WeightMatic & Arrow PET 9/3 WeightMatic BIG).
These are proceed by three labellers (STM Mega Roll 9, STM UNO ADE, and PE Labellers Modular SL for rectangular bottles).

After the filling level is checked by inspector, the BIG bottles line has a neck handle applicator and go separately to the palletizing system on Kawasaki robot.

The same palletizing system handles also the wrap-around carton boxes filled with smaller glass and PET bottles. After the palletizing is done, full pallet gets transferred to the rotating arm pallet wrapper Technowrapp, and then gets transferred to the warehouse.


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