Filling Machines

Filling machines offer

STM filling machines guarantee maximum hygiene, extremely fast change of formats minimized reduced to 10 minutes, unique, internal, neck-based transport of packages without the necessity of setting the height, fast change of packaging formats with different diameters, user friendly touch panel with automatic diagnostic software, precise positioning of packages, operation limited to the minimum.

Opening up to new solutions, our own laboratory and deep analysis of efficiency allows us to optimize the production of all kinds of liquids at every stage of the filling process.

CAN Series Machines

CAN Series Machines
Application: beverages containing CO2, beer, kvass, non- carbonated liquids, HOT FILLING process, Ice Tea, natural water in PET or aluminium cans.

ISO Series Machines

ISO Series Machines
Application: Beverages containing CO2, beer, kvass.

NC Series Machines

NC Series Machines
Application: non- carbonated liquids, HOT FILLING process, Ice Tea, natural water, foaming products.

FlowMatic Series Machines

FlowMatic Series Machines
Application: ESL Milk, Juice, natural water, products requiring high hygiene.

WeightMatic Series Machines

WeightMatic Series Machines
The Weight Matic Series is designed to fill PET bottles, glass and HDPE packagings.


CAN series filling machines

The unique flexibility of seaming, filling and efficiency, all present in the CAN series, allow filling and seaming of PET and aluminum cans with cylindrical shapes.

Rotary filling and seaming blocks can be equipped with isobaric, overflow or electronic filler nozzles, designed for both carbonated and soft drinks.

The seamer is designed to seam a wide range of round cans filled with carbonated drinks, beer and soft drinks.


ISO series filling machines

The compact design for highly foaming products is the ISO series of rotating rinsing, filling and seaming blocks equipped with isobaric filler nozzles designed for filling containers with drinks containing CO2 such as carbonated drinks, carbonated water, beer.

A solution designed specifically for filling carbonated drinks that are prone to foaming but also suitable for non-carbonated products.

The filler nozzles are characterized by a simple construction ensuring high level of hygiene and ease of use. Modular design with the central tank, the latest generation of neck-based hold, independent evacuation of air for highly foaming products. The whole process is supervised by the Bernecker programmable controller.


FlowMatic series filling machines

High hygiene for demanding products is the FlowM series of rotating rinsing, filling and seaming blocks equipped with electronic filler nozzles fitted with electrostatic flow meters manufactured by Endress + Hauser, designed to fill packages with non-carbonated, clean liquids with higher hygienic requirements such as milk, natural juices, yoghurts.

The bottle is never in the direct contact with the filler nozzle guaranteeing the safety of the filled product.

The machines in the standard version are equipped with the Arrow Purity System (aPs®) with H13 HEPA filters that retain 99.97% of impurities and other microbiological insulators such as laminar flow, UV sterilization and ozone water rinsing. In addition, the solutions applied in the design guarantee extended life of sensitive products.


WeightMatic series of weight filling machines

Filling machines designed for filling PET bottles, glass and HDPE packaging with the highest class of pouring accuracy of valuable products such as oil, dense products, dairy products with pieces of fruit.

The machine uses a weighing method of filling to guarantee the perfect mass of the product. Filling is done with the use of gravity that can also be supported by increasing the pressure in the tank.

Consistent accuracy of filling, low loss of valuable product thanks to the perfect electronic weighing / portion determination, high filling precision (from ± 0.2 to 2 g for a volume from 0.2 l to 2.0 l), elimination of dead spots in the machine reduce the risk of infecting the product.

Perfect mechanics for production diversification is the NC series of machines with rinsing, filling and seaming blocks equipped with "overflow" filler nozzles designed for liquids that do not contain CO2 such as: still water, non-carbonated beverages, technical fluids (also foaming), oils.

The series of NC machines is also used with the HOT FILL system, at temperatures up to 88˚C for filling natural juices and large packages of 3l or 5l with non-carbonated liquids.