EPV – electro pneumatic valves filling machine

If you need beer canning equipment, or beer bottling equipment, EPV series is the one you are looking for. Apart from traditional mechanical filling valves, STM Group offers the latest solution in the field of isobaric filling – electro pneumatic valves. It’s perfect for confecting the product into glass bottles, PET bottles and aluminum cans at a medium or high speed.

EPV filling machines are fully automated and reliable. They provide high performance, precision and hygiene, which reflects in the end quality of the product. It’s proven technology, recommended especially for beer bottling and canning, as it reduces oxygen intake.

  • Product filling: isobaric, EPV-controlled
  • Products: beverages containing CO2, beer, still drinks, RTD
  • Volumes: 100 – 2500 ml
  • Packaging: PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles
  • Capping: PCO, Crown cap, ROPP, lid 200 & 202

Another feature of EPV is control. Filling parameters may be changed as needed. What’s more, in case of a filling valve malfunction, it can be switched off without affecting the rest of the bottling machine or the canning machine. Depending on the type of product and packaging, there is a selection of filling valves available: with & without pre-evacuation and self-levelling. To add, both, the bottling machine and the canning machine can be adapted for different formats.  

User-friendly, repeatability, quick format changeover and easy access are key advantages of EPV filling machines from STM Group. These features are especially important in craft beer bottling. When installing beer filling equipment, a beer canning line, or a beer bottling line, high-quality confection is key. We are able to maintain it thanks to:  

  • Oxygen meter for beer filling
  • Independent CO2 chamber
  • Multiple oxygen evacuation
  • Water recovery from rinser
  • New jetter design
  • Independent valve operating