NC – Overflow Filling Machine

NC series machines feature devices equipped with “overflowfilling valves, for non-carbonated fluids, such as non-carbonated water and beverages, process fluids (including foamy fluids) and other. 

  • Product filling: overflow filling
  • Applications: Hot Fill, juice, non-carbonated beverages, process fluids
  • Volumes: 0.2 – 7 l
  • Packaging: glass, PET
  • Capping: plastic with screw thread, aluminium cap, crown cap

Filler valves feature simple design that ensures high level of hygiene and ease of use. In case of NC series machines the bottle always remains at the same height, which provides smooth transfer of the bottle. Machines in their standard version are suitable for CIP. NC series machines in their standard version feature intermediate tank with circulation pumps. Depending on the model, NC series machines can be prepared for PET containers as well as glass containers and HDPE containers. The machine can be adapted to hot-fill as well. NC series machines feature between 9 and 48 filling valves. Parts in contact with the filled product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.