SYNCHROBLOCK Filling Machine

If you need a universal filling line, Synchroblock is the one you are looking for. 

Synchroblock from STM Group is a combination of a classic blow molding machine with a rotary filling and capping machine. This 3in1 solution allows for high-quality and high-speed confection.

The machine is recognized for it’s efficient water and energy consumption. It was achieved by eliminating accumulation air conveyors and a rinser. Another advantage of installing a synchroblock is space saving. With ergonimics in mind, the machine will optimize production costs, as there is less staff required to support the process (down to 1 person).

  • Product filling: weightmatic, volumetric (flowmatic), isobaric
  • Products: carbonated & non-carbonated beverages, juice, syrup, water, milk, edible oil, sensitive products
  • Volumes: 100 – 6 000 ml
  • Packging: PET
  • Capping: PCO cap

Depending on the number of filling valves (16-48) and blow molds (4-8), synchroblock reaches the capacity of 3000-12 000 bph. To note, this type of confection is characterized by increased hygiene. That is why it will be a great choice when you are looking for a soda filling line, a water filling line, a juice filling line, an oil filling line or even a milk filling line. Smooth connection between the blow molding and filling section minimizes the risk of product contamination. Furthermore, high sanitation is achieved by:

  • ARROW PURITY SYSTEM (according to 2006/42/EC directive, there is no contact between the filler valve and the packaging)
  • Self-draining table for removing all product residues
  • HEPA H14 air filter with 99,995 efficiency for particles < 0,3 micrometers
  • Optional system for pulsed light sterilization by Claranor®