Blow molding filling capping machine manufacturer

First ever Synchroblock from STM GROUP – All-in-one Blow Molding – Filling – Capping Machine – 5500bph, 700ml Syrup

Our client decided to order from us our first ever all-in-one machine – Synchroblock, that comprises: blow molding, filling and capping in one machine.

This means much smaller machine’s layout because there is no need for air conveyors between blow molder and filler.

Also, there is no need for the rinsing of bottles, since they get directly from the mold into the filler. However, since the product to be filled was syrup, we integrated all the safety equipment possible, like anti-drip cover with HEPA filters, a UV lamp for caps and a Claranor lamp that disinfects the bottle thread. It’s a very expensive solution, but it’s the best way to disinfect the neck, (which is the only part of bottle that does not heat up in the way through furnace), which leaves no space for the bacteria or germs to be left in the bottle, which is crucial for so sensitive product like syrup that is filled in this Synchroblock.


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