Syrup Room & CIP

Whether you are interested in soda canning line or soda bottling line, you will need syrup room and CIP station to complete your production process. STM supplies full cycle syrup lines. We manufacture machines for, both, sugar-based beverages, as well as, for beverages with artificial sweeteners.  

STM Syrup Room is a complete system to process crystal sugar, sugar syrup or artificial sweeteners. It achieves the capacity of 3000-20 000l/h of ready product, it’s design matching our premix machines. 

We work with the best suppliers of components. Sterilizers, homogenizers, sugar feeders, process vats and other auxiliary devices are made of materials designed to be used in food processing industry, mainly stainless steel AISI 304, but also AISI 316L. 

We also produce CIP stations for washing process lines, as well as, more simple devices for smaller plants. No matter if you own a juice bottling machine or a soda canning machine, STM offers you 3 possible CIP automation options: automatic & PLC controlled, semi-automatic and manually operated. All of the CIP systems are suitable for all industrial washing needs. 

CIP systems are fitted with pressure pumps and special dosing system for cleaning concentrates – mixing water with detergent in flow with self-washing programme. To note, tanks are insulated to enable caustic washing.  

Additionally, both syrup rooms and CIP stations are fitted with JAD heat exchanger. Finally, both machines are able to control return temperature and pH value. 

STM process machines guarantee maximum hygiene and reduced maintenance of your automatic bottling line and can filling line.