CAN Filling Machine

If you need a machine for cans or a complete beer canning line, CAN series is the one you are looking for. These machines feature devices equipped with isobaric filling valves, designed for filling and seaming of PET cans or aluminium cans. Seamers are suitable to seam a wide range of round containers filled with a variety of beverages. The posibbilities are andless: beer canning lines, water canning lines, soda canning lines, or juice canning lines. 

Filler and seamer are mechanically synchronized and together they make up the canning machine. The machine if fitted with only one drive, which can smoothly operate the filled containers to the seamer without spillage. Continuous development allows for diagnosing malfunctions in real time, and thus securing the machines against breakage. 

  • Product filling: beverages containing CO2, beer, still drinks, RTD, hot fill, ice tea
  • Volumes: 200 ml- 500 ml.
  • Packaging: PET cans, aluminium cans.
  • Body size: slim, sleek, standard
  • Lid: 200, 202.