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Oil Filling Line for Polish Rapeseed Manufacturer, Bielmar

Among many projects we kickstarted in 2022, the one for a Polish company, Bielmar is worth learning about. Operating since 1945, the manufacturing plant in Bielsko-Biala has undergone many changes. Today, the company boasts rapeseed warehouse, modern oil mill, refinery, margarine production plant and logistic base. In order to keep up with the growing demand and emerging techologies for rapeseed processing, our client ordered an automatic bottling line for edible oil.

STM engineers designed the PET bottling line to handle capacity up to 9000bph. Oil bottling line in question consists of blowmoulding machine, filling machine, labelling machine, packing system and palletizing system. Among many segments of industrial bottling equipment installed, here are some of the most importnant ones:

TES STM Blueline 6 Standard blow moulding machine, fitted with 6 blowing cavities, is capable of manufacturing 2 volumes of PET bottle: 500 and 1000ml. Additionally, the client requested installing ECO Power Air Recovery System – an innovative solution from TES STM Group to recover compressed air, which is later reused for pre-blowing and operation of the blowmoulder for improved overall air management.

Another stage is handled by an edible oil filling machine from STM: Arrow Pet 24/8 WeightMatic series. This bottling equipment features 24 filling valves controlled electronically and 8 capping heads. After nitrogen dosing and filling level inspection, the bottled product is checked for incorrect closure. In case of a cap missing, the item will be gently removed from the line by a mono-pusher.

Next, STM labelling machine MegaRoll 9 applies OPP labels using Hot Melt method. For packing, we used Robopack Dimac Starwrap model R25. Equipped with sensors detecting overturned or missing items, the machine encloses bundles of PET bottles with wrap-around cardboard boxes. Later, packages are automatically tagged with printed labels.

The high speed bottling line wouldn’t be complete without an automatic palletizing system. Based on Kawasaki robot, the system handles DHP and EURO pallets. For cardboard boxes palletizing, we chose a pneumatically controlled mechanical gripper, which simultaneously picks interlayer sheets using a set of vacuum grippers. During the entire process, light curtains control the entry and exit of pallets from the line. Finally, an automatic pallet wrapper with a rotary arm secures the stacked layers with stretch foil.

Although, STM has been delivering bottling and filling equipment across the world, we are always proud to implement the latest technological solutions for Polish companies. Offering reliable bottling machinery and years of expertise, we hope to further support our country’s growing businesses in food and beverage industry.

If you want to read more about our bottle filling machine systems, feel free to download our Case Studies report. Get it here.

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