Packing and Palletizing best palletizing and packing machines pet bottle

STM offers machines for bulk packing and complete back ends of process lines. Thanks to collaboration with our trusted partner, Atlanta Packaging, our devices produce precise, stackable packs. Apart from typical formats (3×2, 4×3, 6×4), STM packing solutions can handle other types of packages. You can choose devices for packaging using heat shrink film and wrap around cardboard boxes. Variations include: 

  • Film only
  • Film + pad
  • Film + tray
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard trays

Our depalletizing system can be used for different types of packaging. Although, pallets for glass bottles and pallets for cans have different sizes, our devices are universal for all containers. Whether you want to depalletize empty or full containers, STM machines can handle glass bottles, cans and PET bottles. 

Refined over the years, our standard palletizing systems, are simple and reliable solutions for rapid production automation. Such optimization is possible at any stage, even in an existing line. Our standard systems can be later developed from a semi-automatic solution into a fully automatic one – including storage, film wrapping and pallet transfer, which will further automate production on the line and minimize the number of staff required. Striving to ensure the highest quality and repeatability of the palletizing process, STM became the official integrator of Kawasaki, Fanuk and Kuka robots. 

In our standard solution, the operator has to deliver empty pallets to two stacking locations, and move the dividers to the divider warehouse. Once the product has been palletized, the operator takes the pallet to the free-standing pallet wrapper and on to the warehouse. Then, another empty pallet can be put in place. 

More sophisticated systems only require delivering stacks of empty pallets (10pcs), adding dividers and collecting wrapped pallets. With such an automation, the same single operator is able to handle the end of the line with a much higher capacity.