STM GROUP Unveils Cutting-Edge Beer Bottling Line at Fabrica Grivița, Romania

STM GROUP, Poland’s premier bottling lines manufacturer, proudly presents an enthralling video showcasing the successful launch of a fully automated beer bottling line at Fabrica Grivița ( The video, available for viewing here, provides an in-depth look at STM GROUP’s innovative solutions for beer bottling technology and the key components of the cutting-edge bottling line.

The introduction of this fully automated beer bottling line, with a capacity of 6,500 bottles per hour, is a significant leap forward, underscoring STM GROUP’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence machines for the beer industry.

In the video, viewers will be immersed in the following elements of the beer bottling line:

  1. Full-Height, Fully Automatic Depalletizer: The TES STM DPL-S-GLASS-6 depalletizer by TES STM GROUP ensures a streamlined start to the beer bottling line, reducing the need for extensive manual labor. This depalletizer is seamlessly integrated with a vertical conveyor, transporting bottles efficiently from a high level to the beer bottling machine’s conveyors.
  2. Beer bottling machine for beer in glass bottles – STM ArrowGlass 24/24/6 ISO BEER: Designed for precision and efficiency, this glass bottle filler employs double pre-evacuation using a vacuum pump, high-pressure hot water fobber, a proportional main product valve and carbon dioxide modulation valves. The system fills each bottle with beer, maintaining a smooth and efficient production process while minimizing oxygen pick-up for the highest product quality.
  3. Quality Control Mechanisms: Advanced quality control measures include a fill-level inspector for accurate product quantity verification and a checkweigher for full box inspection. These automated processes ensure that each bottle and box meet stringent quality standards.
  4. Air Knives for Drying: After the beer bottling and fill level checks, containers pass through TES STM GROUP’s air knives, efficiently drying the containers before label application.
  5. Cutting-Edge Labeling Technology: Integrated with the beer bottling line, Newtec’s state-of-the-art labeling technology provides accuracy and reliability. A 3-head self-adhesive labeler applies up to three labels per bottle—front, back, and neck label.
  6. Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine: Atlanta Packaging’s Rafaello wrap-around cartoning machine expertly packs beer bottles into cardboard boxes at a stable speed of up to 15ppm.
  7. Palletizing System – TES STM GROUP’s PAL0: This system, although it is our simplest palletising system, it is based on a gripper of our production and a robot. This system is compact and allows palletising at one of two storage locations, where the second location is operated by an operator at the time (taking a full pallet, bringing an empty pallet).

The video not only celebrates a significant milestone in the development of craft beer bottling industry equipment but also reinforces STM GROUP’s position as a trusted partner, offering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of clients, especially in the realm of bottling machines and complete bottling lines.

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