ISO – Isobaric Filling Machine

If you need beer filling equipment or a soda bottling machine, ISO series is the one you are looking for. These machines feature devices equipped with isobaric filler valves, designed for filling still and carbonated fluids, such as carbonated beverages and water, beer. 

  • Product filling: Isobaric
  • Products – CSD, carbonated water, beer
  • Volumes: 0.2 – 2.5 l
  • Packaging: glass bottles, PET bottles
  • Capping: plastic with screw thread, aluminium cap, crown cap

Filler valves feature simple design that ensures high level of hygiene and ease of use. Machines in their standard version are suitable for CIP. ISO series machines are versatile machines and can also be used with non-carbonated products. Therefore, they will be suitable for a milk bottling line, a juice bottling line or a still water bottling line. Depending on the model, ISO series machines can be installed in bottling lines, as well as canning lines (PET, glass and aluminum containers). 

 ISO series machines are designed as triblocks (RFC) and monoblocks (FC); For both versions, drive is powered by a single engine. They feature between 12 and 72 filling valves. Parts in contact with the filled product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.