PET blow molding filling capping cans fill pallet pack

Complete filling line based on Synchroblock – still water 5l, 4000bph

Our client, who already had our equipment for many years decided to expand, and built a new production hall with two complete filling lines, one for smaller bottles from Krones/Kosme and one from STM GROUP. Our filling line is based on all-in-one Synchroblock blow molding-filling-capping machine for 4000bph at 5l still water.

Machine is based on a 4-cavity Blueline 4 Standard BIG blow molder and an Arrow PET 16/6 FlowMatic filler with 16 flow meter filling valves and 6 capping heads. Synchroblock was also given an anti-drip cover with HEPA filters, and a UV lamp for caps placed on caps chute for ensuring the safety of the filled product. Synchroblock is followed by a set of conveyors with additional buffer for emptying the machine in case of line stoppage.

Bottles go through a filling level inspector to the OPP labeller and then follow to a neck handle applicator. After the handle is applied, bottles go to the lane divider changing conveyors from one lane to double lane. Two lanes are essential for the palletizing system to cope with the line’s capacity. 4000 5l bottles per hour can be achieved using a full layer gripper, and by having two pallet stacking places inside the palletizing system. Since the bottle design is demanding (high and unstable bottles), each of the pallet stacking places is also a pallet wrapper, so that there is no need to move pallet full of bottles risking that the bottles will fall off.

When first pallet is full, it starts to be wrapped, and at the same time robot starts palletizing bottles on another pallet at next stacking place while first pallet gets to the warehouse to be picked with a forklift.


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