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15000 cans per hour complete beer filling line in Croatia

Our biggest beer filling projects so far starts to come into life as we’ve just commissioned complete beer filling line into aluminum cans with capacity of 15000 cans per hour! This line is just a part of the whole Pivovara Daruvar project in Croatia together with PET filling line and palletizing system.

Like in most of our projects, also in this case we delivered a complete turnkey solution and a wide consulting of client’s needs preceded with an on-site inspection. This was essential because the project is in one of the oldest breweries in Croatia, and there was a lot of hassle to design a layout that will take into consideration existing client’s returnable glass bottle filling line and all of the pipes and media connections that evolved over the years of upgrading the brewery. The bottling line in question starts with an automatic full height, high level can depalletizer and an overturning-rinsing device that takes cans from the high level to the filler level.

Filler used was Arrow CAN 40/6 ISO BEER, with 40 filling valves and a 6-head Zilli&Bellini seamer. After the buffering conveyors, filled cans get into Petek’s pasteurizing tunnel and then to filling level inspector, data coder and air knives to get rid of the water on cans. Further on, the cans get into the Dimac Blue Star shrink-wrapping tunnel that packs cans into 6×4 tray with film or 3×2/2×2 film only packages, with the with the assumption that film only packages are packed in double lane, and then transferred to the palletizing system in double lane as well. Due to the high number of orders, the brewery works with maximum capacity of the filling line for at least two shifts a day filling millions of cans each month since the line was commissioned.

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