What are the main solutions provided by STM?

  1. Complete filling lines are the core of our business, and we specialize in comprehensive solutions tailored to our client’s needs, budget and space available in the factory. Complete filling machine for system filling is a complex system composed of a range of machines, that may include: a blow molding machine to make PET bottles from preforms, bottle filling line for beer filling, bottling water, milk filling, other beverages filling or even oil filling machine. Liquid bottle filler can be preceded by process machines, like mixers and saturators or syrup room and is then followed by a series of equipment for end of line stagelabelling machine, laser or inkjet printer, plate conveyors, air conveyors, machine packaging. We are a manufacturer of packaging machines, thus our prices, as well as, of most of our equipment is very competitive. For more info – ask for a quote.
  2. Blow molding machine or blow moulding machine, sometimes called a blowmoulder or a blowmolder is a machine that uses preform to make PET bottle. Blow moulding machines may work separately or as a first step of a complete filling line, where PET bottle blowing machine is followed by a bottle filling line, either for beer filling, milk filling, water filling, other beverages filling or oil filling. Blow mold machine price depends on the efficiency needed, as well as, on the shape and size of PET bottle. We do not have used blow moulding machine for sale, but when it comes to blow mold machine price, we may adjust the size of a blowmoulder to suit the needs of our client as well as the budget available.
  3. Filling machines are the core of STM Group business – that includes a wide variety of complete filling lines, bottling lines and bottling machines. There are many different types of filling machine STM Group can supply, such as: milk filling machines, beer filling machines, water filling machines or water bottling machines, vegetable oil filling machines. Cans filler is also an option, because filling lines may use either bottles or cans in liquid filler. Also, we have a line of special filling equipment for beer industry as beer filling is much more complicated than filling of many other beverages. Together with the craft beer filling machines. we also have other brewery equipment for comprehensive brewery solutions in craft breweries. We supply brewhouse or brewery machine equipment, beer tanks, beer process machines (deaerator, dry hop, CIP stations, yeast propagators), pasteurization, machine packing and palletization systems that may fully automate the production line. STM Group may deliver a turnkey solution of an each type of complete filling line, like for example: beer filling line, water filling line, soda filling line, vegetable oil filling line, milk filling line, juice filling line.
  4. Mixers and saturators are the machines used to prepare sodas and carbonated water, and they might be added as a process machine in a complete line, before the beverage is filled into a bottle or can. In a complete filling line, a premix mixer and saturator is a crucial equipment to cover the whole process of product preparation. This way, a complete filling line can be more cost effective as a business.
  5. Syrup room is a device that enables addition of sweeteners to the final product before it gets to the filler, where it is put into bottles or cans in the filling machine. In a complete filling line, having a syrup room is crucial for covering the whole process of product preparation. It enables to get rid of one next supplier, increasing the margin on your product.
  6. Packing and palletizing equipment is the one that may generate huge savings in the usage of a complete filling lines. In each complete filling line, a machine for packing cans or bottle packing machines may pack the final product in either film, film with flat tray or rim as well as in wrap-around carboard boxes. After packing, palletization is also an option in every single complete filling line, as STM GROUP produces palletizing system which is based on industrial robots with manipulators of our own design. Packing machines should be your priotity investment in you plan to make your own complete filling line. They are the future of packing, as they are much faster and cheaper in operation, enabling for less staff to work on your complete filling line.
  7. Labelling – STM is a supplier of labelling machines for various performance and applications. We have labelling machines for both small production companies, that have a complete filling line with smaller capacity (line labelling machines), as well as, rotary labelling machines with much bigger capacity – for complete filling line with efficiency up to 20000 bph! 
  8. Conveyors are always a part of a complete filling line. Air conveyors are to be used for empty PET bottles (made from preforms) that come out of blow molding machine and need to be delivered to the bottle filling line. Second option is made for a complete product, already filled into the container. These solutions involve plate conveyors, belt conveyors or roller conveyors and we have all of them in our offer. We use only the components from renowned manufacturers like: System Plast, Marbett, Thyssen Krupp, Bongilioli, and we have experience in both design and construction of various types of conveyors for each of steps of a complete filling line. 
  9. Comprehensive solutions for breweriesSTM Group can deliver everything you need for beer brewing, beer filling and beer packingfinding a brewer who will brew the beer is on you. We have everything you need for your complete filling line, starting from a depalletizing system for, both, bottles and cans, conveyors, brewhouse, beer tanks, process machines like deaeration system, dry hop, CIP stations or yeast propagators, flow or tunnel pasteurization, beer filling machines for bottling beer or filling cans, labelling machines, printers and pouring inspectors and finally, equipment for packing and palletisation